Just a sample of ten years' worth of Doc's custom paintball guns!

Custom Gun Gallery!

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Kind of a placeholder page, lots of photos, sorry about the load times. We're working on a better gallery system.
And yes, I know it's a little wide and a lot of the photos are fairly out of date... we're working on that too,
but I have literally thousands of photos to go through...

Warp-modified Empire Intimidator Empire Intimidator, modified to Warp Feed.
I was happy with how this mod came out; I made and fitted a new "block"
feed module, without disturbing the original anodizing (at least externally.)
My original Fastback Prototype.
On this early take on the "halfblock" concept, I wanted to incorporate the block
into the body lines a bit more than the usual hack-and-slash mods. The cocking block,
bolt, hammer, front block, ASA, Flattop front block bolt, Snatch tail and spring spacer
(takes the place of the IVG nut) were all custom-built for this gun.

Other features include early Quickram with Eclipse QEVs, Eclipse E1 frame, HALO B,
Palmer's Stabilizer and AGD Flatline air. My current personal go-to gun.
1st Gen Fastback Prototype halfblock 'Cocker
Purple and chrome Pneumatic-assist CCI Phantom ("Phantasm")
Purple Pneumatic-Assist Phantom (or "Phantasm".)
The PA system, like Brad Nestle's "Super Sniper" conversion, uses 'Cocker pneumatics to semi-automate the pump action. It's still a pump, but with an ultralight 1/10th-inch pump stroke.
Quick users can accurately autotrigger upwards of 4 to 5 BPS with just a tiny flick of the wrist.
My Electro-Stroker.
Originally a PMI Piranha (originally purchased in 1986 or '87) I added the sight rail, wire ball detent and other minor mods in '95, then sent it in to Palmers' to have it "Stroked" in 1996. I eventually milled a custom aluminum grip frame to get rid of the bulky "UMB" mount, then converted it to a handbuilt 45 frame, and finally, in 2002 or so, I converted it to electro using a Racegun frame, and my own custom solenoid manifold.

It's currently on the waiting list to get an MQ Valve conversion, whenever I get the time...
Doc's Own Electro-Stroker!
The World Famous Vee Twin double barrel Autococker!
The World Famous Vee-Twin Double-Barrel Autococker
This one was a bunch of fun to build, and even more fun to shoot. Pic shows it in a semicomplete "testing" stage using a Racegun E-frame, older Max Flow (hey, they're cheap and they work great) and a pair of my custom-made Freak-insert barrel backs.

I've made three of these now, getting fancier at every turn. They'll have their own page  shortly.
Stock-Class Sniper-2
This puppy was built off a pre-'98 side-feed, which required the creation of a farily complex conversion block. It took some work, but in the end, I was very happy with the results. Minor body and pump milling cap it off, and internal mods let it get some 45 plus shots per 12-gram.
It's been shown in use in APG at least once.
Stock-class Sniper 2
Red and chrome WGP STO Autococker
Red and Chrome STO Autococker
An oldie but a goodie, from back in the days when the only centerfeed 'Cockers were STOs.
This one was a pretty straightforward repair/rebuild (the valve nut had stripped) but I like how the photo came out, and I'm a sucker for mech 'Cockers.
Shoebox Shocker
Doesn't look like it, but it's loaded with tricks: "Fang" RIP Trigger, stainless hardlines on the vertical Max reg, converted to centerfeed, custom drop and power switch (really- "Smart" Parts sold electros with no power switch! I'm not kidding!) full Glacier Vision ACE install, and the only Shocker-thread Jacko Infinity, ever.
Black Shoebox Shocker
Right-feed Angel LCD with Gabriel Vision
Right-feed Converted LCD Angel
Yes, some people still like sighting down the top of the marker. Balance isn't an issue to anyone without girly wrists, and feeding speed is irrelevant in these days of powered loaders. Try it, you might like it. Oh, and it's got a Cobra trigger, the Gabriel LCD add-on ACE board, and black-to-maroon fade anno by PK Selective.
Custom ElectroCocker
That's "custom" as in, "before either the E-Blade or Racegun frames hit the streets".
When I made this, the only Electrocockers you could buy were either the not-really-electro Nitro Duck 'Cocker (which only replaced the 3-way with a huge solenoid system, the sear was still mechanical) or the Sandridge F5 conversions. I developed my own compact pneumatic sear and used a pair of Shocker solenoids on a custom manifold to operate it. Control came from an original Morlock board, and used some ultracompact side-looking "eyes" that proved barely adequate (they were meant to be closer together.)

It worked, and worked well, but the sear proved on the slightly fragile side, requiring  regular maintenence.
I was working on other ideas for the concept when the Race appeared, and shortly after that the EBlade came out, so there wasn't much reason to chase it any further.
Doc's Unique Electro 'Cocker
Glacier Vision Shocker
Glacier Shocker
I built a bunch of these, back in the heyday of the Shoebox.
Glacier Vision ACE board install with breakbeam eyes, centerfeed conversion, vertical Max Flow with stainless lines, custom drop, F/A conversion, RIP Trigger, custom power switch, and tray stud kit.
The World's Most Radical Rainmaker!
After I was done with this gun- for the second time- there were only seven original parts left: The upper and lower body, the bolt door, the Z-link, the ram, the ram carrier and the valve. The grip frame is a heavily-modded Automag piece, and the lower rail with integral ASA is completely custom, as is the solenoid mount, the solenoid manifold, the bolt, the hammer, the new rear valve body, the trigger and the electronics.

I uses an early (the gun was built in '98/'99) Gladiator Vision Board designed for Bushmasters and Defiants, a Parker solenoid out of a "shoebox" Shocker, Palmer's Micro-Rock, and a match-anodized Air America Vigilante regulator. The power switch and LED are mounted inside the body, just above the trigger, and the eye wires are almost entirely internal to the gun. Finally, it now takes an Angel ball detent.

Photos are poor as this color purple doesn't photograph well. Eventually I'll have a page detailing this gun.

World's Most Radical Rainmaker
2nd Gen Fastback Prototype with Raceframe
Prototype 2nd Gen Fastback Autotocker
Cooler, slicker, and oh, so much faster, the Fastbacks remain one of the fanciest "half block" mods to date... if I do say so myself. This one, for testing purposes, sported a custom front block and manifold, a Parker solenoid, Racegun E-frame (no eyes at the time) and AKA internals.
Yes, I do like those Max Flows; used ones are inexpensive, and they're very, very consistent.
The Famous Mountain Dew Shocker
One of my favorite Shoeboxes, this one got the usual RIP Trigger, "Fang" style, a new stainless steel trigger guard, vertical reg, a custom jewel sticker, the complete Glacier Vision ACE board and a centerfeed conversion. Then it was sent off for the unique "Mountain Dew" anodizing, by PK Selective.
The Mountain Dew Shocker
Pneumatic-assist Grey Ghost
Pneumatic-Assist LAPCO Grey Ghost
The owner of this marker wanted the assist to ease strain on his injured shoulder, but also didn't want any permanent modifications to the rare first-generation Ghost. So whipped up this cool little mount and did the entire mod completely reversibly, with no permanent changes.
Predator-Morlock Angel
I removed the COPS system from this Angel, and replaced it with a Predator Morlock from TAG.
Topped off with tiny custom eye covers and my DynaBolt mod, four of these went to Huntington Beach, and broke only two balls in total, over the entire event.
Predator Morlock conversion in Angel IR3
Zebra-nickel PGP
Zebra-Nickel PGP
Fairly simple but still flashy, this PGP got the usual ball-counter slots in the top tube, a cut-down Fasst-Change CO2 knob, internal mods and a velocity adjuster, and custom-fit LAPCO W2 fingergroove grips. The body was textured in a sort of zebra-stripe/tiger-stripe pattern prior to nickeling, and a small 'leash' for the feed tube cap tops it all off.
Two more Pneumatic Assist Phantoms.
One with back bottle and a rare Phantom All-American barrel, the other with a now-standard vertical ASA and CCI barrel. Both with my 1/10th-inch automated pump stroke system.
Two Pneumatic-assist Phantoms
Stock Class Tippmann SL68-2
Stock-Class Tippmann SL68-2
Easily the first, I built this in 1996, and still one of the only SC SL's in existence.
It still hangs on my wall, looking pretty much as you see it here. I need to run it through the buffer again and shoot some fresh photos.
DYE Barrel PGP
When I first showed this online, I was accused of "Photoshopping" the picture- and this was long before SA's "Photoshop Fridays" or "Worth 1000"s contests. As I recall, I made this in 1998, and as far as I know, the owner is still enjoying it. The barrel started as a 10" Automag stainless DYE, which I turned, milled and fit, and then had to reassemble the entire PGP back around it.
PGP with integral stainless DYE barrel
Urban Camo Pneumatic-assist "Phantasm"
Urban Camo Pneumatic Assist Phantasm
Another PA Phantom. These are always fun to build...
The Green Cannon (or, "the Scalpel".)
My first Autococker. Made around '92, I bought it around '94, modded it at turns through '96 and '97, and I haven't even aired it up since about '98 or maybe '99. The custom built oak display stand was also the first one I'd made, and remains one of my fanciest. I need to make more...
As it stands, the 'Cocker sports an original VL-2000, a very early Paintball Mania FW71 HPA system, Palmers' Rock and Quickswitch (from back in the days when a good 3-way cost you $50) a TASO 45 frame and "venturi" bolt, all stainless accoutrements, an early now-rare Steel Wind barrel, and a custom L-stock, directly emulated off of the style Dave Youngblood sported back in the early Ironmen days.
Doc's Green Cannon Autococker
The double barrel Doc9098!
The DOC 9098
In 1997, I  figured out a way to stack an Automag on top of a Tippmann 68 Carbine, so they both fired almost simultaneously with a single trigger pull. Rate of fire, for '97 was, needless to say, impressive. One of the field regulars immediately dubbed it the DOC9000, in large part thanks to an early replacement for the original PVI Shocker, which was to be called the "Cyber9000". A name which, as you might imagine, earned it some measure of online ridicule.

This one is the same style of mod, but on a Model 98. Both markers fire from the '98 trigger. No permanent mods were made to either gun, except for a linkage slot on top of the '98. (The Carbine version doesn't even need that.) Both can be returned to individual guns in a few minutes.

This appeared in Paintball Magazine in, I think the middle of '99.
Red-Lava Anno Autococker
Another fairly old pic, but still one of my favorite purely-cosmetic milling jobs.
It has an understated elegance to it; nice detail, but not overly flashy.
Lava-anno Autococker
The SuperUltraAutoBlastemFlatter!
The World Infamous SuperUltraAutoElectroMegaHyperBlastemFlatter MKVXII (v.3.5.1)
No, it's not a real gun. The story behind this one is long, but here's a brief synopsis:
Back in the '98/'99 era, there was an "airsmith" of some note, famous mainly for showing markers with parts literally glued on, captioned with wild claims about the speed, accuracy and brilliance of the "modifications". Some people believed the mocked-up and photoshopped pictures, and sent in guns that were, for the most part, never seen again, or at worst, returned with modifications that included epoxy putty and dental floss. No, I'm not kidding- I have pictures. :)

This mockup was put together (actually twice- there's a version out there with a blue border smeared on) as a parody to that 'smith and his 'mods', but the photo has taken on a life of it's own, and continues to be passed along on various boards and forums, with the credulous asking if it's "real".

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