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The Gun Gallery: Just some of the markers I've modded. Some of these pics go all the way
back to 1998, when I started doing this kind of work as a day job- sometimes even earlier.
(Lots of photos, so have patience while it loads.)
Eclipse Etek 1
My own personal first-gen Etek, featuring minor trigger work, valve mods, and custom bolt and rammer. Yep, I still run a short drop-forward, with a tweaked Flatline. Rotor and .684" Eigenbarrel are unmodifed.
Empire Vanquish
Empire Vanquish brought in with an overpressuring problem. Customer needed it by the weekend, so I made a new reg seat to fix the problem. Worked like a champ.
ULE Automag
ULE X-Mag, fitted with a custom rail for a DYE inline ASA, compact gas-thru and one of my own Angel Detents, and converted to take an Empire clamping feed neck.
Shocker RSX with custom trigger
New Shocker RSX with custom-fitted "Fang" trigger.
Black MQ E-Blade Fastback
Solid black Fastback 'Cocker with E-Blade, MQ Valve and Stiffi barrel.
Blue Lava Phantasm
Blue "Lava" Air-assist Phantom, called a Phantasm. Build included a T-stock and 3.5 oz tank.
The 'LectroSov
The 'LectroSov! Sterling Soverign converted with a RaceGun grip and custom solenoid mount.
Pewter Racegun 'Cocker
Custom Pewter Racegun 'Cocker, including custom front and back blocks, beavertail, solenoid mount and eye covers.

Fastback Sniper
Fastback Sniper pump with 100% scrachbuilt grip frame (incl. trigger and sear) frontblock/ASA and 3-rod pump assembly.
Shocker SF
Classic 'shoebox' Shocker S/F with stainless hardlines, Air-assist, and stainless 2-finger trigger
ICD Freestyle
ICD Freestyle with Dynaflow air, custom Cherrywood grips, Fang trigger and Stabilizer inline reg.
Curt's Custom Cocker
Curt's Cocker with custom back and front blocks, Bob Long slider frame, and a bunch of internal work.

Empire Intimidator Warp Feed
Empire Intimidator converted to Warp-Left. Didn't even hurt the anno.
First-gen Fastback
Prototype/1st Gen Fastback halfblock Autococker. Note the stainless tube for the front 'noid wires.
Pneumatic-assist Phantom "Phantasm"
Purple Phantasm with 45 grip. Pump stroke is about 1/10th of an inch.
My Electrostroker; Pmi Piranha originally "Stroked" by Palmer's, which I then converted with a Racegun frame.
The Original Vee-Twin Autococker
The Original Vee-Twin Autococker. Double-barrel 'Cocker shown here with a RaceGun frame and solenoid.
Stock Class Sniper 2
Stock Class Sniper. Converted pre-2K rightfeed body with custom feed block and internal mods.
Red STO Cocker
Red WGP STO 'Cocker. All I did was fix a stripped thread, but I liked the picture.
Shocker select-fire
GVS (Glacier Vision System) Shocker, with stainless hardlines and a custom Shocker-threaded Jacko barrel.

Black RaceGun Fastback
Black Fastback fitted with a RaceGun frame and Max Flow air.
Lightly modded Sheridan P-68-SC pump, with PMI wood grips.
Red Splash Shocker SF
Red-Splash vert-feed converted Glacier'ed Shocker.
Red Splash Automag
Classic Automag with custom stainless QD hardline and modded SS Perfect Bore barrel.
The Skull Shocker. Blue and silver splash, a Jack-o-Boom barrel, stainless lines and a skull LED that winks at you.
Purple AGD XMag
Purple AGD X-Mag with custom clear grips, roller trigger and Flatline drop.
Sterling pump with new milled aluminum grip frame, drop-stock and valve body.
Custom Shocker Sport
Vertical-feed converted Shocker Sport with power switch and RIP Trigger.

Right-feed Angel LCD
Right-hand-feed converted Angel LCD with Gabriel Anti-Chop Eyes.
Doc's Custom Electrococker
My own custom-built "searless" Electro Cocker, with Morlock board, eyes, and custom front block.
Glacier Shocker
Another GVS Shocker with stainless lines and verical conversion.
World's Most Radical Rainmaker
The World's Most radical Rainmaker. Only seven original parts remained.
2nd Gen Fastback Prototype
2nd Gen FastBack prototype, with custom front block, Freak back, gas-thru and drop.
Mountain Dew Shocker
The famous Mountain Dew Shocker. Stainless trigger guard, Fang trigger, Glacier eyes and vert feed.
Pneumatic Assist Grey Ghost
Air-Assist LAPCO Grey Ghost with female-Stabilizer stock.
Predator Angel Speed
WDP Angel Speed with Predator-Morlock install and custom eyes.

Zebra-nickel PGP
Zebra-nickel PGP with LAPCO grips, custom Fast-change and cap lanyard.
Pair of Phantasms
Another pair of Phantasm air-assist pumps.
Tippmann Stock Class SL-68 II
The first-ever stock-class Tippmann SL-68-II; I made it in 1996.
The DYE PGP. Milled down a 10" 'Mag DYE barrel, and reassembled the PGP back around it.
Urban Phantasm
Urban-Camo Phantasm air-assisted pump
The Green Cannon
My 'Green Cannon' right-feed Autococker with Paintball Mania FW71 tank and custom L-stock
Doc 9098 Twin Gun
The Doc9098 Twin Gun. Tippmann Model 98 on the bottom, AGD Automag on top.
The Lava Cocker
The Lava 'Cocker. Detailed custom milling, custom front and back blocks, aluminum grip frame.

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