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A partial listing of  Doc's Machines. The collection is always evolving and ever-growing. Updated January, 2022.

The CNC Production Shop
CNC Shop:
2015 Southwest Industries Trak 2Op 3-axis mill
1998 OmniTurn GT-75 Gang-tooled CNC lathe

Converted Grizzly 8689 Mini-mill
Converted Logan 920 lathe
Milling Machines
Manual Mills:
2003 Grizzly G4027 9x42" Vertical Mill
1962 Nichols Horizontal Hand Miller
1970's Anayak Exacto 10"x48" Vertical Mill

Manual Lathes:
1943 Springfield 16x56" Gear-head Lathe
1939 Warner & Swasey No.2 Turret Lathe
1956 Logan 920 11x32" Lathe, and with Turret
1956 Sheldon EXL-56 10x36" Lathe
1970s Hardinge HSL-59 'Speed' Lathe

Frickin' lasers!
Chinese K-40 Laser Engraver
Grinding and abrasive machining
Wilmont 2"x72" Belt Grinder
Republic-Lagun 6x18" Surface Grinder
Baldor 8" 3/4HP Bench Grinder
Rockwell Tool Grinder
Wissota 6" Bench Grinder

DoAll LHF 16" Vertical Bandsaw

1909 Rockford 20" Drill Press
Arboga 825 Gear-Head Drill Press with X/Y Table
Craftsman 12" Drill Press
Import 6" high-speed drill press

Miscellaneous machinery
Other Machines & Tools:
Keller Die Filer
Baldor 3/4HP Buffer
Christensen 40-Ton 2-speed Hydraulic Press
Snap-On Bead Blasting Cabinet
Edwards #10 Alligator Shear
Heinrich Bench Punch

Miller SD180 TIG
Miller (?) 190A AC/DC buzzbox
Miller 220V Spot Welder
Hypertherm Powermax 350 Plasma Cutter
Victor OxyAcetylene Torch set

Past Machines: The Old and the Sold:

1985 (?) Jet 8x24" Mill-Drill
Shopmade 2"x72" Belt Grinder
Queen City 12" 2HP 3Ph Pedestal Grinder
Van Dorn No.6 Universal Valve and Tool Grinder
Sioux 645 Valve and Seat Grinder
Lisle 600 Drill Grinder
Wellsaw M1000 Horizontal Bandsaw
1905 Stockbridge 16" Shaper
Lewis 10" Shaper
Lincoln SP-200 MIG with CK Systematics spoolgun

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