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4 Inch Mill Vise

In the early fall of 2009, I had a chance to have some heavy stuff brought up in a private truck,
saving me quite a bit on shipping costs. I eventually loaded that puppy down with half a ton
of tooling and goodies, so when it arrived, it was something akin to Christmas. :)

Among it all, I'd bought three "locking type" imported mill vises from Enco.
These are the ubiquitous Kurt clones- I'd had a 5" on my Grizzly turret mill since 2003, and I was
reasonably happy with the quality and fit. Unfortunately, in the intervening years, they'd obviously started
building to a price point rather than a level of quality, and none of the three new ones were anything
close to the quality of the original. Two cleaned up reasonably well with just some
solvent and a bit of minor tweaking, but this 4" one was by far the worst of the three.

That's it up there. Actually looks pretty decent, right?
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