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Arboga Drill Press

The Arboga is an eight-speed gear-head drill press; the gearbox has four speeds, and the 3-phase motor has two speeds.
This is kind of tricky, since I was going to run it on a VFD, and one is not supposed to have any switching in between
the VFD and the motor. (Disconnecting the motor with the VFD running could blow out a capacitor or three.)

The 2-speed motor simply mechanically switches between two sets of windings. On the stock setup, there's a "power" switch
on the side of the drill head, and a hi/off/low switch on the front. In use, you turn the power on, then turn the switch at
the front to whichever speed you want in order to start the actual motor.

When this badboy fell over, the box/mount for that switch, which was thin cast iron, was shattered and missing pieces.
The switch itself was also broken, though thankfully only at the mounting ears.

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