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VFD Arcade

When I picked up my Sheldon 10" lathe in early 2008, it came with a 3HP 3-phase motor controlled by
an AC Tech VFD (variable frequency drive.) VFD's are the hot ticket for machine tools, as they not only
let you use 3-phase machines in your residential single-phase home shop, but offer an array of features
such as ramp-up, ramp-down, dynamic braking and near-infinite variable speed.

I mounted the AC Tech box to the wall and hard-wired it in. But, the box was poorly placed to easily access
the controls, and I disliked the "membrane" buttons which had no apparent 'feel' when actuated.

Most VFDs allow the addition of remote-mounted controls, either a separately-mounted switchbox,
or an external controller like a PLC or industrial automation control. So, I wanted to make a box that
mounted to the lathe itself, in a convenient location, close at hand, and would have nice, big, "clicky"
buttons that were easy to see and use. There's a wide array of industrial switches available for just
this sort of thing, but on a whim I went the other way and bought a selection of arcade-style buttons.
They ran less than $3 each, are large and appropriately "clicky", and were available in an array of colors.

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