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Speed knob

I'd finally finished wiring the Nichols start & stop buttons to the VFD speed controller,
and had mounted the controller itself inside an enclosure to protect it from chips and dust.

To keep an easy access to the "speed pot", the knob for varying the motor speed, I mounted
an external pot in the top of the start/stop button box. That way it was easy to get to and use,
yet the VFD was still fully enclosed and fairly well protected from swarf and cutting oil.

To finish that little project off, I needed a knob for the new potentiometer.
Radio Shack has 'em for just a few bucks, but hey, why else do I have thousands of
dollars in machine tools, if not to spend time making something I could buy for a few bucks?

So, I started with a chunk of 1-1/4" aluminum round from the scrap bin...

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