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KPC Cookie Day

What better way to spend about ten hours?

Back in 2004, the teacher at the local Community College machine shop had a sort of tradition- a week before Christmas Break,
he held what's basically an "open house" for the machine shop, during which he baked many dozens of chocolate-chip cookies.

It was, unsurprisingly, called Cookie Day, and was very popular with the collegegoers, faculty, and families of students.
And, with a few exceptions of machines nearest the food-prep areas, and some restrictions on things like using the compressed air hoses,
it was "open lab" for students (like me at the time) to use the machines.

As most of you know, I always have more than a few projects on the books, so that Tuesday night, I loaded up a boxful of tools,
several piles of parts and materials, and some quickly scribbled dimensions. Wednesday morning, bright and early
(okay, for me- that means 10:30) I showed up, ready to make- and eat- some chips.

This was the sign on the door.>

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