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PGP Frame Mod

Fans of the Sheridan PGP, PMI-1, PMI-2, Piranha, and others, know there's one big drawback:
There's no way to easily mount stocks or bottomline accessories. The bottom of the grip is angled,
and too thin to drill and tap. The most common mod is a set of plates that go under the grip panels
but these can be problematical. Here's a fix I started doing many years ago- it's more involved, but
makes for a better, stronger mount with no wobble.

This example, above, is a frame I'd used years ago to hold the parts while I welded up a set of the
aforementioned plates. The heat had partially melted the low-melting-point zinc alloy, but because
I'm a packrat, I tossed it in a parts box rather than throwing it away.

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