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Rockford Spindle Collar

The Spindle of the Rockford drill, like the rest of the machine, has no roller bearings. The spindle rides in
the quill with nothing more than a couple of thin micarta washers as thrust bearings. But it works- despite
being over a century old, the micarta is still in great shape. The one issue is the top of the spindle, which has
a threaded collar, both to hold the spindle in the quill, but also as kind of a "preload" adjustment. The original
collar was held in place by a setscrew, which unfortunately damaged some of the threads over the years.

As I want to actually use this drill, I decided to replace it with a split collar, that will "clamp" in place.
Lacking a chunk of wrought or even cast iron, I opted for aluminum- except the ony piece of 3/4"
bar I had on hand was 2-1/2" wide, and the collar is 3".

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