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I can be reached at doc "at" docsmachine "dot" com (Sorry, I get enough spam as it is! big grin )

I do get quite a bit of 'mail, and I'm always pretty busy, so I often can't reply in as timely a manner as I'd like.
I do try to answer as much as possible, and as soon as possible, but when it comes down to choosing between getting
customer work done or answering more email, chances are you'll find me out in the shop rather than at my computer.

That said, have a question or just want to chat? Feel free to drop me a note.
Sorry, I do not have a business (or even personal) telephone. I had one for a while, but without a
secretary or voicemail, I never got anything done. I also have no IM, PM, DM or even ICQ for the same reasons.
I already spend several hours a night answering E-mail, I don't need more things to type. big grin again

If I haven't replied after a while, feel free to poke me again. I don't mind.

For tech questions and other discussion, you can also find me over at The Tinker's Guild.

Mailing address and Shipping Information:
My US Postal Service Mailing address is:

Doc's Machine
PO Box 1166
Kenai, Alaska, 99611

USPS is the least expensive method to ship to Alaska, usually half the price of UPS or FedEx. When shipping, please be sure to enclose a note with your name, a good return mailing address, your email or any other contact information, and a brief description of the work you want done. Pack and pad your stuff well, too, in order to minimize the chance of damage during shipping.

And as always, thank you for your business!

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