Stop that chop! No springs, no bumpers to fly off, it just works!

The Dynabolt, for WDP Angels

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The Dynabolt is an all-new design that actually cures an inherent problem with the WDP Angel's bolt geometry. Rather than try to band-aid it with springs or ball sensors, fix it right with the Dynabolt!

How do we know the gun has an inherent problem? Well, for one thing, WDP themselves have implemented almost this exact same concept in the new G7 Angels with the breech/bolt lock!
However, that new system can't be fitted to previous Angel models, the Dynabolt can!
The Dyna can, in fact, be fitted to any Angel from the original LED/V6 on up to the latest 'Fly'.

As you can see, with the new Dynabolt in place, the ball is finally properly located in the breech
for greatly improved feeding and reliability. What's better is there are no springs or sliding parts to get gunked up, no inserts or nose bumpers to fly off or shoot out, and the Dynabolt works with and improves the functioning of all anti-chop systems, both factory (Like COPS and Senesi) and aftermarket (like the Predator.) The more accurately the ball is placed, the better they work.

Watch the Video!
(Angel Speed w/Predator-ACE and HALO. 8.6mb .mpg)

Installation requires a minor clearance cut to the marker itself.
This mod is simple, hidden and does not affect the normal operation
or use of any other bolts, factory or aftermarket, in any way.

Dynabolt plus installation: $48.00
(Guaranteed turnaround in 3 days or less or the install is free.)


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