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The movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Kevin Smith, 2001) once again features the use of a paintball gun made up as a graplling-hook gun.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
As in Mall Rats, in order to break in to the animal testing laboratory, once again Silent Bob (director Kevin Smith) whips out a Sheridan PGP
modifed with an upper housing made up as a grappling hook gun. This is almost certainly the same marker used in the previous film.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Jay (Jason Mewes) hands Bob a grappling hook, which he locks into place.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
With a near-identical framing (as well as a near-identical pose from Jay) Bob prepares to fire.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
And fired!

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Once again, Bob clips the gun to his utility belt, although this time he clips it on muzzle-down, rather than muzzle-up as in Mall Rats.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Once inside the building, Jay spots a tranquilizer dart gun in a glass emergency case. He decides to take it so that they can shoot
each other with it later, to experience the pharmacological effects. (Which he describes in somewhat more crude terms. :) )

The gun is not, however, a modified paintball gun. It's a standard Palmer Cap-Chur Short Range Projector, an actual tranqulizer dart gun,
which is based off of a Crosman pellet gun. (Palmer is not to be confused with Palmer's Pursuit, a manufacturer of custom paintball markers.)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Later in the movie, the gun is again seen when Bob hands it to Suzanne the orangutan,as they send her into the air vents.

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