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Baldor Grinder

Since there was no damage or anything to repair, I was going to just give it a quick squirt of rattlecan grey
to cover up the ratty red- which was itself a bad rattlecan job. However, the red started flaking
off by the handful. Any new paint I put on would just fall off with the red. So I figured that it's
a pretty simple unit, I'll pop it apart and give it a fairly decent and proper paintjob.

Luckily, I found no surprises inside, the bearings and shaft were fine, etc. I ran what parts I could
through the beadblaster, where the red fell off like dry leaves in front of a turbocharged leafblower.

The only issue was that the previous owner, or possibly the owner before him, even, had stamped his full name
and social security number into the rotor housing. People used to do this decades ago, so that property could
be identified if it were stolen. This was, of course, before the SSN became such a powerful electronic identifier...

Anyway, I simply filled in the lettering with a thin skim of Bondo before spraying on the primer.
Everything was then painted with Rust-Oleum's Dark Machine Grey.

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