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Double Rifle Conversion

And finally, cold-blued, installed and set. Rotating the eccentric sleeves moves the point-of-impact, and, I'm told, work
very well, needing only very minor adjustment to move the POI a fairly significant amount. And adjustment is easy- you loosen
the pinch screw a little, slide the whole assembly forward about an eighth of an inch, and use the end of the allen wrench or
a small screwdriver or something, to push on one of the sleeves' edges to rotate it slightly. The owner had a pair of
laser bore sighters, and he said it was quite easy to just "dial them in".

The rifle sight shown, uses the original bead sight screw hole (plus an added second hole) and covers the top of the pinch screw,
as well as visually blending the clamp/extension into the rest of the barrels. The cold blue doesn't match well, but the whole thing is
supposedly going to be professionally refinished as soon as he's done with the rest of the work.

All in all, though, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. And it was an interesting problem to solve.

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