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Lincoln SP-200

Trying the old liner again, I became convinced the liner was the problem. Whether it was dirty, too small,
or whatever, it was adding enough drag that it'd barely feed to the gun, and then the extra drag of the
gooseneck would basically stop it completely. Since I didn't know what the liner went to, and didn't have
anything it'd possibly fit anyway, I thought that it's a shame I can't just turn the ferrule down to fit my stinger.

... Or can I? I can chuck it easily enough, but there's ten feet of liner that's gonna be whipping around.
Okay, how about a guide? I've seen people use pieces of PVC tubing on stands, to contain
long thin stock hanging out the back of a lathe headstock, why couldn't I do that?

Turns out, I had a 12-foot stick of 3/8" stainless instrument tubing that was perfect for the application.

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