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Rex R2 front block fix

The engineers- and I use that term loosely- tried to bandaid that error by adding more O-rings.
Why three, I don't know. Since the screw had it's own little teflon O-ring, the block would have worked
-and I use that term loosely- just fine with only the one front O-ring (lowest in the photo.)

The problem is, when the gun is pressurized, the only thing holding in all that pressure is that one little screw.
After the thin threaded section of the valve and the hole in the body wear a little bit, or get mashed a bit by the pressure,
it allows the block to move forward slightly. This means the front O-ring isn't fully supported anymore,
and on this gun, kept blowing out- the previous owner, in what was probably desperation,
had tried to wrap a rubber band in there to "fill the gap" and hold everything in.

Besides that, the stub section was a very loose fit to the body, probably .008" to .010" or so, which didn't help matters..

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