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After struggling along for many years with an increasingly-worn JET mill, I finally took the plunge and picked up a brand-new Grizzly G4027 Vertical Mill. This gave me several features I didn't have previously, including power feed, more horsepower, a wider range of spindle speeds, power downfeed, and more.

Here it is at the shipping depot, as it arrived from Washington. The base pallet is sturdy, but the fork slots don't fit american pallet jacks. The truckers had to put it on a regular pallet in order to get it loaded without having to use a forklift.
I checked it over fairly well, and saw no obvious damage, no signs of impact, the plastic sheeting was intact, no handles showed any damage.
I was happy.

Getting it off the truck was tense, but ultimately worked out. The mill, at 2,019 pounds crated, was somewhat more than the rated capacity of the truck's liftgate, so when it came down, it came down. Once on the ground, it was relatively easy for the four of us to roll it into the car bay for the uncrating.
Once the crate and plastic was stripped off, I gave it another good going-over, looking for damage, mismatched or misinstalled parts, or any other problem of note. Everything looked good. The red toolbox contained the knee and quill handles, a cheezy plastic oil can, the owner's manuals for the mill and the powerfeed, some wrenches and some allen keys.
The table had been individually wrapped in plastic, and all bare or steel surfaces had been squirted with a sticky, waxy Cosmoline-like substance. No rust was found anywhere.
Now the fun began.
We unbolted the entire millhead, ram and column-cap dovetail as an assembly, and lifted it off with the engine crane. That, we rolled into the machine shop on the pallet jack, and set it on some dunnage and old tires.
I then removed the powerfeed from the table, and simply unscrewed the whole thing from the saddle. I estimate the table and leadscrew weighed a good 200 pounds- it took three of us to catch it and carry it into the other room.

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