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Yes, I'm still working on it. :)
If your marker, tank or other equipment is in need of major or minor repairs, needs to be upgraded,
or to have that new part or accessory installed, fitted or tuned, click on any of the items below
to see just a small selection of what can be done.
Docn't see what you need? Drop me a Line and I'll see what I can do.

Polishing, Anodizing, Nickel and Chrome Plating:
Anodizing in single solid colors, fades and splash. Nickeling or chroming of steel, brass and aluminum up to and including entire guns, including custom 'textured' nickel patterns. Full polishing services for brass, aluminum and stainless steel, as well as bead-blasting.
Individual Marker Modifications:
AutoCockers, AutoMags, Shockers, Impulses, Angels, BushMasters & Defiants, Rainmakers, and more. Also Phantoms and other pumps, stock-classers and even obsolete markers.
Doc's Standard Modifications:
Stock-Class conversions for many common pumpguns, barrel modifications, Pneumatic-Assist conversions, Sheridan sight-rail install, and more.
General Small Repairs:
Stripped thread repair including 'Cocker valve bodies, broken fitting removal, pinvalve install/replacement/repair... if you broke it, we can fix it.
General Servicing and Maintenence:
Cleaning, lube, minor repairs such as leaking O-rings or blown hoses, tuning, and minor part installation, such as Angel hammers, 'Cocker 3-ways, siphon or anti-siphon tube installs. Also tank hydrotesting and reg rebuilds.
Major Overhauls:
Complete disassembly, including heavy troubleshooting and some repairs- such as stripped threads or removal of broken parts- complete "blueprinting" (matching and tuning) and reassembly with fitting and tuning/testing.
Electrical and Electronics:
Upgrade board and G-Vision anti-chop system installs, custom power switch install or conversion, wiring repairs/upgrades including quick-disconnects, LED and Skull installs, battery conversions, and programming information.

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