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The movie First Strike (Jackie Chan, 1996) features a customized Autococker.

First Strike
At one point in the movie, Inspector Chan Ka Kui (Jackie Chan) is given a thin attachè case which, he's told, will help him
"follow the girl". (Annie Tsui [Annie Wu].) He opens it and says "Wow, now I'm really 007."

Inside, we see a customized pre-'98 (of course- the movie was made in '96 hee hee ) WGP Autococker complete with accessories.
The gun is custom milled and has been anodized dark green. Mods include the addition of a Benchmark single-trigger 45 frame,
a KC NoHotShots inline regulator and a 9" J&J Harchrome brass barrel. The most notable mod being the custom-made
front pneumatics shroud, which, unlike the factory-supplied slide-on one piece unit, consists of two separate side panels that
bolt to the front block. This is almost certainly a privately-owned marker lent to the production team, since the shroud clearly
and obviously has the name "TIM" milled into it.

The rest of the accessories include a 3.5 oz Catalina CO2 tank, a SUMO 2-piece drop-forward (as well as a SUMO T-stock
seen attached to the lid of the case) and a 50mm Barska red-dot sight.

First Strike
A little while later, we see Inspector Chan tracking Annie with the gun and mounted scope (which of course has a lot of added digital
effects like range and speed.) From this angle, we can see the marker has what is almost certainly a "Rock Knob", and therefore a
Palmer's 'Rock' LP regulator. The Clippard LP banjo fitting on the end of the ram also suggests the gun is fitted with a Clippard
"mini ram", which was another popular mod back in the day.

First Strike
As Annie gets into her car, we're given a reverse angle view of the gun- note the pull pin on the bolt has been reversed from the
photo above. The end of the bolt appears to be hollow and knurled, suggesting it's a stock piece.

First Strike
Note that as we flip back to a front view, now it appears there's something in the barrel.

First Strike
And, just as the girl starts her car, he fires his "tracking bug"- a puff of something is seen exiting the barrel, but it was moving
too fast for the camera to catch more than a vague blur. (The whitish puff of 'smoke' towards the bottom of the black band at
the far right of the photo.) The back block does not cycle when the gun is fired.

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