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Ever watch a movie and notice one of the goons is carrying a "gun" you think you recognize? You might be surprised how often
movie studios use a paintball gun as a futuristic laser blaster, or a tranquilizer dart gun, or even as an actual paintball marker!
We're working to catalog some of the more noteworthy appearances here, and will be updating this page fairly regularly.
If you know of a show or movie not listed, or have suggestions for entries, errors or changes, feel free to contact us!
Almost Two Hundred Movies and TV shows listed!
Latest updates 08-06-22:
Added entry on Chuck!

Paintball Guns Used or Shown as Paintball Guns.
But not necessarily in a show about paintball.

Movie Title:
8 Mile 2002
Marker used in a paintball drive-by shooting. Pro-Lite
Alls' Fair 1989
Recreational play.
Bachelor Party Vegas 2006
Recreational game.
Backwoods 2008
Corporate/'survival' game
Band of the Hand 1986
Marker used for guerilla style training. Nel-Spot 007
Blackballed, the Bobby Dukes Story 2004
Used to play tournament paintball.
Blue Ruin 2013
Rare marker briefly seen in a pawnbrokers' display case. KP-2 Rifle
Combat High 1986
Recreational play.
Cybernator 1991
I have no bloody idea how to classify this one yet.
Extremedays 2001
Recreational play.
Failure to Launch 2006
Characters play a typical walk-on speedball game. Spyder Electra
Friday the 13th, Part 6 1986
Characters play a corporate paintball game in the woods. Nel-Spot 007
G.I. Joe: Valor VS. Venom 2004
Used in a training scenario Animated
Gotcha 1985
On-campus "mock assassination" game. First movie showing paintball
In the Line of Duty: The FBI Murders 1988
Police training Splatmaster
In Too Deep 1999
Police training PGP
In Your Face/Splat! 2002
Recreational play.
Jackass 3D 2010
Used in a "duck hunt" scenario Spyder, Vibes
Man of the Year 2006
Characters play a normal late-fall woodsball game. Piranha GTI eForce
Masterblaster 1987

Meet the Spartans 2008
Used for... Spartan punishment? Spyder Xtra, Model 98
Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 2001
Recreational play
No Dessert Dad, 'Til You Mow The Lawn 1994
Characters play a 'corporate outing' game.
Paintball, the Movie 2005
Used to compete in tournaments.
Prom Wars 2008
Used in a recreational game.
Putty Hill 2010
Used in a recreational game.
Rampage 2009
Intended to be used for a recreational game, goggles used as body armor. X7 Phenom
Return to Sleepaway Camp 2008
Used in a recreational game.
Santa With Muscles 1996
Used in a recreational game. Golden Eagle, VM-68
Scary Movie 3 2003
Used in a parody paintball drive-by shooting.
School for Scoundrels 2006
Confidence-building class training. JT Tac-5, Ariakon Overlord
Severance 2006
Used in a woodsball game.
Soldiers of Paint 2013
Used to play Oklahoma D-Day Scenario game.
Spplat Attack 2002
Used during a celebrity big game for charity. William Shatner, charity game
Splatter: Love, Honor and Paintball 2010
Recreational play.
S.W.A.T. 2003
Markers used for police training.
The Paper Brigade 1996
Used to deter bullies.
This Means War 2012
Used to play an over-the-top recreational game. Project Salvo
Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj 2006
Recreational play.
Zero Boys 1986

Zombie Killers - Elephant's Graveyard 2015
Used for zombie survival training.

Television Show:
3rd Rock from the Sun
Recreational play
Characters are only seen with paint marks.
Ace of Cakes S07E08
Recreational play.
According to Jim
Recreational play
Tippmann Pro-Carbines, Spyder Agressor
American Dad
Used during Vietnam War reenactment. Animated
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Las Vegas S01E07
Recreational play.
Audi UK
Used in a car-vs.-car TV commercial. Hood-mounted markers, "grenades"
Babylon S01E05
Recreational play.
Bachelor Pad
Recreational play.
Baywatch S06E08
Recreational game on the beach.
Big Bang Theory S02E16
Recreational play.
Boston Legal S02E09
Recreational play.
Brooke Knows Best S01E05 Recreational play.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Police training
Byker Grove S04E14
Recreational play. Player gets blinded.
Cake Boss S03E11
Recreational play.
Chuck: S04E10
Recreational play.
Community S01E23
Recreational play.
Coronation Street 6925
Recreational play.
CSI: New York S03E08
Outlaw recreational play.
Daisy of Love S01E03
Recreational play.
Danger Bay:

Daria S02E02
Recreational play.
Dark Oracle S01E04
Recreational play.
Used for an indoor game during an off-site meeting. Animated
Recreational play.
Down East Dickering
Purchase and operation of a field.
Dr. Who S04E12
Used to blind a Dalek.
Drop the Dead Donkey S03E09
Recreational play.
Duck Dynasty S05E06
Recreational play.
Emmerdale 5101
Recreational play.
Entourage S06E12
Used to fire employees in an office setting. Mocked-up waterblaster gun
ESPN Paintball World Championships 1996
A series of specialized games broadcast on cable.
Every Third Thursday S02E01
Custom built paintball snowboard
Extreme Karaoke
Used in a singing competition
Female Forces S01E07
Used in a challenge game.
Flight of the Conchords S01E03
Recreational play.
Forensic Files S08E03
Part of an investigation.
Used as a sort of punishment.
Greg the Bunny S01E03
Recreational play.
Grounded For Life S04E16
Recreational play.
Guy Code S04E16
Recreational play.
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper S04E03
Recreational play.
Hell's Kitchen S03E07
Recreational play.
High Mountain Rangers S01E12
Used to play woodsball.
iZombie S01E09
Not sure how to classify this one yet.
Jake 20
Recreational play.
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Recreational play.
Junkyard Wars S04E03
The two teams build paintball "tanks".
Just Shoot Me S02E25
Recreational play.
Keeping Up with the Kardashians S08E03
Recreational play.
Ken Block/DC Shoes
Used ( kinda pointlessly) in a car-race TV commerical
Kickin' It S04E12
Recreational play.
King of the Hill S02E07
Recreational play.
King of Queens S03E14
Recreational play.
LA Law S05E09
Recreational play.
Las Vegas S03E20
Recreational play.
Recreational play.
Gym Coach training method.
Malcom in the Middle S04E14
Recreational play.
Marriage Boot Camp S02E03
Recreational play.
Mom's a Medium S02E08
Recreational play.
Monster Quest S01E11
Still to be classified.
My Name is Earl
Recreational play.
Mythbusters 166
Many various uses of paintball guns.
NCIS: Los Angeles S06E15
Recreational play.
Nightline 09-01-87
Ted Koppel does a feature on the early days of the sport.
Peep Show S08E03
Recreational play.
Primeval S02E03
Recreational play.
Pit Boss S02E03
Kids use them to abuse animals.
Red Green 1997
Used in a goofy paintball game. Spyder Compacts
RESCUE Special Ops S03E03
Part of a range war.
Road Rules: Islands
Recreational play.
Rob & Big S01E08
Recreational play.
Rookie Blue S04E03
Recreational play.
Six Feet Under S03E08
Recreational play.
Sledge Hammer! S02E16
Recreational play.
South of Nowhere S02E10
Recreational play.
Spaced S01E04
Recreational play.
Spaced Out S01E04
Recreational play.
Space: Above and Beyond S01E06
Cadet training.
Storage Wars, Texas S02E05
Recreational play.
Supernatural S01E01
Seen jumbled in with real firearms.
The Amazing World of Gumball S02E04
Recreational play. Animated
The Anna Nicole Show S01E11
Recreational play.
The Bachelor S09E02
The Bernie Mac Show S02E16
Recreational play.
The Big C S01E02
Yet to be classified.
The Equalizer S04E21
Recreational play.
The Fast Show S02E03 ?
Recreational play.
The League S04E03
Recreational play.
The Office S07E22
Used to play paintball in the parking lot.
The Simpsons
Used during a themed paintball game (and then as weapons.) Animated
The Wire S04E12
Recreational play.
Time Warp S01E11
Demonstrating paintball hits in slow motion.
Top Gear S14E05
Used to shoot test cars in a getaway scenario.
Top Gear USA S01E04
Car-to-car combat
Top Shot/Top Shot Reloaded
Part of the challenges.
Total Drama S01E09
Recreational play. Animated
Ugly Betty S02E10
Recreational play.
Wanted: Ted or Alive S01E01
Used in a gameshow challenge
Whacked Out Sports
Recreational play.
Wreckreation Nation with Dave Mordal S01E06
Recreational play.

Paintball Guns Used or Shown as Something Else.
Made up to look like laser blasters or trank-dart guns or what have you.

Movie Title:
Clockstoppers 2002
Markers used to shoot balls filled with liquid nitrogen Spyder SE
Cyborg 1989
Marker as cobbled postapocalyptic arrow-shooting rifle. SMG-60
Demolition Man 1993
Seen very briefly in the background on a computer screen. P68-SC
First Strike 1996
Marker used to fire a tracking "bug". Custom Autococker
Goldeneye 1995
Used as a grappling-hook gun. Ranger
Hollow Man 2000
Used as tranquilizer dart guns. Sheridan PGP
John Dies at the End 2012
Used as flamethrower. Trilogy
Johnny Mnemonic 1995
Several, used as futuristic firearms. VM-68, Storm, Automag
Lake Placid 2 2007 Used as tranquilizer dart gun. GT Commando
Mall Rats 1995
Used as grappling-hook gun. Sheridan PGP
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001
Another use of the grappling hook gun. Sheridan PGP
Moon 2009
Used as a firearm/weapon. A5 or X7
Scary Movie 2 2001
Used as anti-ghost "energy bolt" guns. 
Sheridan PGP
Split Second 1992
Used as futuristic firearm and parts of firearms. 3357 Spotmarker
The In-Laws 2003
Used to shoot knockout gas into a car. Stroker
The Island of Dr. Moreau 1996
Presumably used as a tranquilizer dart gun 68 Special

Television Show:
Used as Tranquilzer dart guns.
Kingman Eraser
Andromeda S05E08
Made up as a "charged crystal" energy weapons. Marauder, Talon
Dog the Bounty Hunter Various
Used to fire "Pepperball" less-than-lethal projectiles. A5, T8 pistol
Fringe S01E04
Made up as a "Shockwave gun" energy blaster. Tippmann A5
Stargate SG-1
Used as tranquilizer dart gun. Kingman Spyder

Not Paintball Guns.
Scenes many people think involve paintball guns, but don't.

Aces: Iron Eagle III 1992
The movie  features a mock dogfight using paint rounds.
Blown Away 1994
The movie features the use of a (fictional) paintball mine in a training sequence.
Bulletproof Monk 2003
The tranq-dart pistol is the real thing, not a paintball gun.
Child's Play 3 1991
The cadets use 1903 Springfield rifles with fake paint bullets.
Chuck 2010
Chuck uses an actual Chrome-plated Cap-Chur 1400C "Short Range Projector" tranquilizer dart pistol.
None of the specialty guns in the movie were based off of any paintball gun or parts. They were made specifically for the film.

Get Smart 2008
The training scene supposedly involves Simunitions, but the hits shown are from paintballs.

Jarhead 2005
The trainees use Simunition rounds in their M-16A2s, as evidenced by the color-coded bolts and magazines.
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 2001
The pistol Bob hands to Suzanne is a Crosman-based Cap-Chur tranquilizer dart gun.

Léon: The Professional 1994
Another Simunition round fired from an AR-15 pattern rifle.
Repo Men
FN 303 'Less than Lethal' launcher used as energy blaster.

Terminator 3 2003
The "paintball gun" Kate takes away from John is probably an airsoft replica of a Walther PPK.
The Living Daylights 1987
The training mission at the beginning appears to use some kind of powder-filled projectiles, not paintballs.

Television Show:
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S02E15
Training scenario, probably also Simunition rounds.
Another use of an actual Cap-Chur tranquilizer dart gun.

And Other Equipment.
Mostly masks and goggles, sometimes gloves and other gear.

Alone in the Dark 2005
Most of the Bureau 713 agents wear JT Emotion paintball chest protectors.

Fortress 1992
Prison doctors wear old PMS "Monkey" masks.

Rampage 2009
Uwe Boll's bad guy wears V-Force ProVantage goggles as part of his body armor.
The Running Man
One of the 'chaser' guards wears a set of rare Oakley motocross goggles.

System of a Down
The music video for the song B.Y.O.B. features stylized images of soldiers wearing PB goggles.

The Getaway 1994
One of the crooks uses an air-powered bolt cutter, run off a 7-ounce CO2 tank, to cut a lock.
The One 2001
Futuristic guards wear heavily modified Brass Eagle Z Leader goggles.
V For Vendetta 2005
The soldiers at the end wear JT X-Fire googles.

Stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You features a unique version of the game, using paint-filled water balloons.
  • Audi UK has a 2013 TV commerical with an RS6 Avant, driven by ex-Stig Ben Collins, against free-runner Damien Walters, using paint-filled eggs.
  • Bud Light had a commercial featuring players on a paintball field.
  • An episode of the TV show iCarly had the players using paintballs and blowguns.
  • There's a Mountain Dew TV commercial with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. set out on a paintball field.
  • As a demo for NVIDIA, the Mythbusters duo use a gigantic custom-made 1,100-barrel paintball gun the size of a big SUV, to paint
    a replica of the Mona Lisa in 80 milliseconds.
  • The movie Serenity (2005) used "space blaster" weapons made from paintball guns, but none are shown clearly enough in the movie to screencap.
    Alliance Long Gun (made with parts from a rare, silver Flatline Autococker. You can see the Flatline block right above the trigger.)
    Another Alliance Long Gun (pretty much a complete, stock 2004 WGP Autococker, with only an extra rod up top and buttstock.)
    Alliance handgun (made with parts from a Psycho Ballistics Silver Bullet blowback.)

Marker & Gear Gallery:
A quick listing of all the markers and gear seen in the catalogued movies and TV shows:
  • Airgun Designs AutoMag
  • Airgun Designs AutoMag RT
  • Ariakon Overlord
  • ATS TS-1/AT-85
  • Avalon GT Commando 2
  • Bob Long 2K2 Intimidator
  • Brass Eagle Golden Eagle
  • Brass Eagle Marauder
  • Crosman 3357 Spotmarker
  • Diablo Mongoose II BBS LCD
  • DYE 'Toxic' Matrix
  • Gotch-Ya Deuce
  • JT USA Tac-5 Recon
  • Kingman Spyder Compact
  • Kingman Spyder Electra
  • Kingman Spyder Sonix
  • Kingman Spyder Special Edition
  • Nelson Nel-Spot 007
  • Palmer's Pursuit Shop Stroker
  • PMI Piranha GTI eForce
  • Pneumatic Design Storm
  • Psycho Ballistics Silver Bullet
  • Sheridan KP-2 Rifle
  • Sheridan P-68 SC
  • Sheridan PGP
  • Sheridan VM-68
  • Tippmann 68 Special
  • Tippmann Pro-Lite
  • Tippmann SMG-60
  • Tippmann TiPX pistol
  • WGP AutoCocker
  • WGP 'Flatline' Autococker
  • WGP Ranger
  • WGP Trilogy
  • JT USA Elite goggles
  • JT USA Headshield mask
  • JT USA X-Fire goggles
  • PMI Extreme Rage Xray goggles
  • RAP-4 Eye Tactical Helmet
  • V-Force Profilers

  • 12-gram wristband
  • APP Sight Feeder Commander
  • Armson Pro-Dot sight
  • Brass Eagle 50 round loader
  • Catalina 3.5 oz. CO2 tank
  • Catalina 7 oz. CO2 tank
  • Catalina 10-oz CO tank
  • Cataline 20-oz tank
  • CP Barrel
  • Crossfire 48/3K HPA tank
  • Empire gloves
  • Empire Halo
  • Empire Reloader 2
  • Fast Draw tank quickchange system
  • GXG Pocket Hopper
  • NXe pod packs
  • NXe tank covers
  • Raven Morphion gloves
  • Redz Chest Protector
  • Viewloader VL-200
  • Viewloader Revolution
  • Viewloader XSV Vlocity

  • Banzai Twin Barrel Water Blaster
  • Brass Eagle Barracuda (barrel parts)
  • Brass Eagle 'Point Zero' sight
  • Crosman 357 pellet gun
  • NSG Rapide Comp Rifle (stock parts)
  • Sup'AirBall "X-Ball" inflatable bunkers
  • Tiger Stripe paintball

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