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The Bond film The Living Daylights (Timothy Dalton, 1987) opens with a training exercise using "paintball" rounds.

The Living Daylights
The first paratrooper takes one in the back from the SAS. Note the "powdery" impact, much larger than any paintball or Simunition round.

The Living Daylights
And when he turns in surprise, he takes another in the front. The projectile left a "dust trail" before impact, meaning it's probably a small
capsule of some sort filled with colored powder.

The Living Daylights
The bad guy agent also takes one in the back, despite the gun that was supposed to have fired it not being aimed anywhere near him.
Again, note the large and "fluffy" impact cloud.

The Living Daylights
Bond (Timothy Dalton) takes one at the hip as he runs to try and catch up to the bad guy.

The Living Daylights
The bad guy takes two more in the windshield of his getaway Range Rover. Note there's no spray or splatter, just two clods of dust and a little
more collected at the edge of the windshield. The projectiles used were clearly neither actual paintballs (which of course have a liquid fill) nor
are they Simunitions, which also have a liquid fill, and at the time of this movie, weren't publically available yet. It appears the SFX crew used
some kind of small container filled with colored dust, presumably because actual paintball strikes weren't large and/or visible enough.

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