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In the film Léon: The Professional, (Jean Reno, 1994), we see what many people think is a paintball hit.

The Professional
Léon (Jean Reno) opens a leather case to reveal a scoped, suppressed rifle, which he assembles. IMFDB calls it an SGW Multimatch, an AR-15 style rifle.

The Professional
Léon assembles the rifle, and instructs Mathilda (Natalie Portman) on how to use it. When she asks who she should shoot, he simply
tells her "pick anyone".

The Professional
Mathilda picks a jogger in Central Park, and manages to hit him with a splat of red paint. The jogger turns out to be somebody important, who
is then mobbed and covered by his security team. It is not, however, a paintball hit. Besides the fact the rifle cannot fire a conventional paintball,
the range would have been far too great anyway. What it could have been however, was a Simunition, a non-lethal training round that can, in fact,
be fired from (lightly altered) firearms, and shoots a frangible plastic shell that breaks on impact.

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