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The TekAngel

As noted in Part 1, one of the reasons I ended up with this Angel all those years ago, was the misdrilled eye holes- the early method
was just a drill press and a dab of epoxy to hold the eyes in. The Dark Angel milling on the side made the drill bit wander, and will
also complicate things when it comes time to make a clean patch. I'm not too worried about appearances, as I eventually plan
to make a set of eye-and-wire covers similar to what was seen on later model Angels and Excaliburs and the like.

I'd considered trying to go with a single reflective eye, in which case I could have just run the wire straight down into the
now-vacant battery tube, but part of the mod was to see if the off-the-shelf Etek board would run the gun, and I don't know
of a way to make it use a single-element eye. (That and I'd have to put the eye on the driver's side, where it'd interfere with the
detent.) So, the first step is to clean up the misdrilled hole and make it square to the bore.

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