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Paintball Projects! Some short articles about some of my marker mods and repairs.

Autococker clamping front block
Autococker Clamping Front Block
Quick mod to more securely hold E-Blade solenoid housings
(or even regular 3-ways.)

Nymph Angel Recreation
Or, how to CNC mill a body, without a CNC mill.
Saving an Angel A1
Rescuing an Angel A1
Getting a horsetraded Angel back up and running, including a new bolt and rebuilding the A1 ram

Patching an old eye hole
Patching old Eye Holes
Sometimes mods don't work out, and you're left with some spare holes. Here's how to fill 'em in.
The TekAngel build Part1
The TekAngel, Part 1:
Updating an old LED Angel with a modern grip, better software and eyes
'Cocker sear redesign
Reinventing the 'Cocker Sear
Doing a tricky little redesign to a part nobody's really thought about since 1992.
The TekAngel build Part 2
The TekAngel, Part 2:
The continued story of updating an LED Angel
Custom 'Cocker ball detent
Making a 'Cocker Ball Detent
Or, How to spend two hours with $5K in machine tools to make a $12 part.
The PyroCocker
Resurrection of the PyroCocker
Breathing life back into an old favorite
Daystate Govnair
The DayState Govnair
Inside an old Govnair air system, just for kicks
Unwreckin' a Rex
Rex R2 Front Block
Cheap marker and a bad design. I fumbled this particular fix a couple times,
but the finished repair is solid and secure.
The SATCO 700
Inside the SATCO 700
We take a close look at one of the rarest and most complex mechanical semiauto paintball guns
 Modding a PGP frame
Modding a Sheridan/PGP grip frame
Modifying a classic frame to take bottomlines and stocks
Doc's Machine More Projects Coming Soon!

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