How to build a Plasma Cannon...

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The start of this piece was... well, a 12" garden "gazing globe".
I managed to find one in stainless steel, rather than the usual vacuum-chromed plastic or mirrored glass.
It's nowhere close to a perfect sphere, but that's all right, we'll be wreaking a bit of mayhem upon it anyway.
Why so big a ball to start? In the very first Schlock Mercenary strip, you can see Schlock's
plasma cannon is considerably larger than a human head. So I scaled it appropriately.

One does not carry a BH-209 in an ankle holster.

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BH-209i and sundry IP Copyright the Tayler Corporation. For entertainment purposes only.
If you burn your arm off and vaporize a bulkhead, it's your own damn fault. Indiscriminately shooting fusing plasma around might seem like fun,
but it's actually very dangerous and highly irresponsible. Read all the warnings and instructions before firing. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction.