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The Other Projects! The oddball stuff that doesn't fit in anywhere else.

Drilling Sight Blade
A Drilling Sight Blade
To zero a century-old rifle, a new sight.
Double rifle conversion
Double Rifle Conversion
Making a trick little part for a clients' double rifle conversion.
Iron Pour 2008
Iron Pour, 2008
Local fab shop Metal Magic hosts an iron casting event
Machinery's handbook, 1945 The Gift
My Grandfather's Machinery's Handbook, 1945.
BH-209-1 Plasma Cannon
BH-209i Plasma Cannon
Making a 1:1 replica of Sgt. Schlock's favorite weapon!
Plus: Photo Gallery of the completed project.
A Ford nut A Ford Nut
A quick finishing touch to an old Ford tractor
Lodge & Shipley Lost in the Woods
Old Lost Lathe
I found an old Lodge & Shipley lathe rusting in the woods.
KPCC Cookie Day
KPC Cookie Day
Kenai Peninsula Colleges' Machine Shop had a brief tradition of making cookies at Christmastime.
Da' Magnum
Modding a Magnum
Cutting down a 6" .357 Magnum barrel to 3"... and we keep the front half!
Night Vision Battery Replacement
Updating some Night Vision Goggles
Finding a replacement for obsolete batteries.
High Speed Office Chair
High Speed Office Chair
Way overbuilding the pivot stem of a nice, unassuming leather office chair.
Doc's Machine More Projects Coming Soon!

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