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Drilling Sight Blade

This is a German "Drilling" from somewhere around, as I recall, 1918 or so. It's a double 12-guage over .30-40 Krag,
and the owner wanted to sight it in for a modern load and bullet. However, the trick little flip-up sight is fixed- the only way
to adjust it, in any direction, is to file or grind the existing groove. Some adjustment of elevation could be done by varying the
load, of course, but apparently the gun was shooting considerably to the left- as in, several inches even at just fifty yards. 

The gun is not overly valuable, being "only" worth several grand (the Purdey I had a chance to gently fondle was worth a large
and well-equipped SUV) but the owner was still unwilling to permanently alter the original sight unless absolutely necessary.

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