A fast and simple propane forge
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Simple Propane Forge

I was working on a new base cabinet/stand for my Lewis shaper, and wanted to round the corners
of the drip tray, in order to make it appear more "factory"- as if it were stamped rather than fabricated.
The tray, however, was 10ga, nominally 1/8", and so was going to be tough to form cold.
I'd started collecting blacksmithing tools by this point, but still lacked a usable forge of any kind.
I'd already made my own version of an atmospheric burner, which I'd used a couple of times in a
loosely-stacked firebrick 'oven', all of which was functional, but barely adequate.

I had in mind to build a large, proper forge, but in the meantime, I threw together this quick-and-dirty setup
to use 'til the full-size version was finished. I started with a simple tray of 1" angle-iron, a scrap of expanded
metal mesh, and some bits of angle-iron cutoffs, all little more than tacked together with the MIG.

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