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Old Govnair

In 2013 I spotted this old British "Govnair" HPA system on eBay and managed to pick it up.
I was interested mainly because I'd never seen one this old in person, and for that matter, hadn't
even seen one for sale since probably '99. From what little I can gather, Daystate is/was an English
company that started making HPA tanks at roughly the same time Air America started producing them
here in the US (circa '94, '95.) Eventually Daystate started making foregrip regulators as well, for the
WDP Angel, and eventually also made the Angel Air. (Corrections welcomed.)

This particular example came with an interesting skinny probably-68ci 3K psi fiber-wrapped tank,
marked with an 'EFIC' tag, which as I understand it is, or was, sort of a European DOT.

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