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Woods near the Armory, Kenai, Alaska. Rec game, March 2006

You can't quite tell, but there's about a 40-ft deep ravine through those trees. The bottom is one of the bounadries they use
(usual recball highly-elastic boundaries) and much of the action happens on the (heavily wooded) hillside.

"I'da got him if that tree wasn't in the way!"


Lots of these guys like the whole Mil-Sim thing. Combat vests, picatinny rails... I forgot to ask this guy how well those .43's worked.

Threading the needle.

-Fun group of players, and they all seem like nice guys, but everybody seems to have an "I'm too cool for barrel plugs" attitude.
Besides this one, before I got there, apparently some kid's Ion was going off on its own at random times.
Did they shut it off, degas it or block the barrel? Nope. They all just had a good laugh.

Joe the boss-man and his SP-8. Quick note: The SP's "carrying handle" is NOT for carrying the gun. Don't ask how we know.

"Where are they?"
"They're behind that tree!"

Guerillas in the Mist.

Sometimes white winter camo does work...

The one "hard boundary" on this field. The kind where if you go "out of bounds" they toss you in the stockade.

You think this stuff just grows on trees?

You go on ahead, I'll stay here and give this tree some cover fire."

I guess that's "urban" camo.

Guarding the main trail. Too bad nobody ever used it.

Running the ridgeline.

"Can a guy get a little privacy around here?"

Who else saw Red Dawn?

"My gun's shooting so hot, it strips the bark off of trees!"

-No, the snow's not that deep. He's laying down.

Reason #34 why white winter camo doesn't always work very well.

"Would you mind not standing up there and taking my picture? I'm trying to hide, here."

Little bit of liquid, maybe?
Didn't Smart Prats once say their barrel holes "relieved the vacuum behind the ball" or something?

Still life with Autococker.

I don't know either. Maybe he's bunkering a stump or something.


... Going...

... Gone! And he's safe at third!

Apparently Quasimodo plays paintball.

"Can you not shoot that thing right past my ear, please? Thank you."

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