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The film Hollow Man (Kevin Bacon, 2000) prominently features paintball guns used as tranquilizer dart guns.

Hollow Man
Frank Chase (Joey Slotnik) picks up several Benjamin-Sheridan PGP pistols, fitted as tranquilizer dart guns, to hand out to the rest of the crew.

Hollow Man
Janice (Mary Randle) says "she's in" if it comes down to shooting Caine (Kevin Bacon.)

Hollow Man
Linda (Elizabeth Shue) prepares to fire her PGP, thinking Caine is hiding in the locker.

Hollow Man
Carter (Greg Grunberg) shows us how to load a tranquilizer dart into the (modified) top tube of his PGP. Note the sliding "loading slot" cover.

Hollow Man
Carter and Matthew (Josh Brolin) try and corner Caine in the access tunnels. The PGPs appear completely unmodified except for the top tube.

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