Okay, why did it do that and how do we put it back together?

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Doc's Tech Articles
In-depth articles on various topics from Anodizing to Hydrotesting. 
Doc's Barrel ID Page:
Find some old barrel you can't identify? Use this handy guide to help figure out what it is. Or isn't.
Regulator rebuilding, 'Cocker timing, air system setups, and more. 
Plus help with getting it back together after you've taken it apart.
Tech Tips and Stuff:
Little tricks for keeping your equipment up & running, and stuff to keep an eye on so it won't cause problems later.
Quick Reviews
We check out the latest Gadget Of The Week
The F.A.T.
The list of Frequently Asked Tinkerers' questions. Culled from bulletin boards and paintball forums all around the 'Net.
Other Tech Articles:
Links to other shops' or individuals' paintball-related Tech articles.

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