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February 26th, 2005:
Fresh update to the Gear Store! Some new parts like our hot new Micro Fitting Wrenches and the innovative new Angel DynaBolt! Go check it out!

February 22nd, 2005:
The Garage Sale is back! This time it's on Ebay- Click Here for a Full List of Goodies!

January 26th, 2005:
At the moment I'm working hard to clear the decks of all leftover or overdue projects, and I'm nearing the end. Plus I'm trying to squeeze in a few site updates, get more stuff manufactured for the Gear Store, and generally try to keep from bursting into flame from the air friction.

Note: Fastback body kits in Fade colors are on sale until the end of February. $25 off plus eye drilling is free! Mention you read it on the News and I'll toss in free shipping as well.

For those of you that pre-ordered the X-Ray Posters, we finally- finally!- have them on the way. After one house fire, two or three tropical hurricanes and a rather hefty check lost in the confusion, I'm told I will very likely have them in my hot little hands by Monday.


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