Wondering what that old discount-bin barrel fits?

Paintball Barrel Identification Guide

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Run across an old barrel gathering dust at your local pro-shop? Somebody slip some bogus barrel in with a marker you just bought? Don't know what it fits? Use this handy guide to ID it!

Angel Metric threads
Autococker and Sniper-2 Most common thread. Also found on Intimidator, Tribal, Defiant, all 'Cocker clones, Mayhem, Epic, Nemesis, X-Mag, Matrix, Excalibur, Viking and Illusion.
Automag Twist-lock with barrel-mounted wire detent. Fits all Airgun Designs markers except X-Mag or ULE bodies.
Blazer Slip fit, usually has "Wedgit" dents at the breech.
Bushmaster and Icon-Z Slip-fit, setscrew-retained. Fits original Bushmaster pumps, Montneel Icon-Z semiautos and clones.
Cobra/King Cobra Barrel body OD well over 1"
Also fits Barracuda, Mini-11 and Poison (original Brass Eagle markers.)
F1 Illustrator
Indian Creek Designs Fits ICD Bushmaster semiauto, Alley Cat, Thunder Cat, BobCat, Desert Fox.
Four-lead thread
Mega-Z Slip-fit, retained by spring-loaded pin. 
Three-layer construction: brass liner, stainless steel inner sleeve, aluminum outer sleeve (so it can be anodized to match the gun.)
Mirage Slip-fit, retained by jam screw. Steel strap detent attaches to body and enters breech through slot on the underside.
Phantom ACME threads
Prerelease Impulse Same as Shocker, but with a shorter breech hood. Later Impulses use a coarser, noncompatible thread.
Pro-Lite Also fits Carbine, Pro-Carbine, A-5
Shocker Double-lead thread
SL-68/68-Special Slip-fit, retained by body pinch bolt
Sovereign Metric threads
Spyder Metric threads.
Fits all Kingman markers, most Spyder clones, Excellerator, EM-1, Java, Dragun, Piranha, etc.
Sterling Metric thread
Stingray2 Slip-fit, retained by pins
TASO Typhoon (pump) Slip-fit, retained by jam screw.
Similar to but not compatible with Mega Z and Bushmaster.
Trracer Also fits Maverick and Hornet
Vector One-piece barrel, breech and feed with attached wire detent. Clip-on locking "bayonet" type mount.
VM-68/PMI-3 (factory brass with collar) Thin brass barrel with a flange at the breech end, seperate threaded collar for retention
VM-68/PMI-3 (solid) Same as above, but one-piece aluminum.
Also fits Sheridan Equalizer, Edge semiauto, Chinese S2 semiauto.

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