Some of the Wildest Paintguns in captivity!
The Custom Gun Gallery

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Here it is- one of the 'Nets largest collections of wild, trick and way-cool paintball guns!
All of these markers have passed through Doc's Machine Shop, and were modified, customized, repaired
or serviced in some way. Some got only minor work- like a trigger job- and others were reconstructed so heavily,
only a few of the gun's original parts remain. Please note: These guns are NOT for sale.
We can mod your gun in the same or a similar fashion, but we do not carry new, premodified paintball guns.



Pneumatic-Assist Phantoms:
Palmer's Products:
BushMasters and Defiants:
Shockers & Impulses:
Spyders and Other Blowbacks
Various Other Semiautos:
Pumps and Others:
PGPs and Sheridans:
Doc's Personal Collection:

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