Siphon? Anti-siphon? Liquid? No liquid? Tastes great? Less filling?

Siphon Tubes, and Anti-Siphon Tubes:

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This article concerned mods that are now long obsolete, and so was removed.

No marker made today requires a siphon tube. If you have an older marker that can use liquid CO2,
and would like help getting it working and tuned up, please feel free to drop us an E-mail.

Very few markers need an anti-siphon tube, and a tank modded with an AS tube is limited
to use only on the marker to which it was fitted. AS tubes are not needed in HPA tanks,
and should not be installed in them.

Repair, replacement or modification to a tank's valve or regulator should ONLY
be done by a trained technician or authorized service center.

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Updated Oct. 2007