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Automotive Projects! A few articles covering some of the cars, hotrods and other vehicles I've been tinkering with.

Project Olds Faux-Four-Two '72 Oldsmobile Faux-Four-Two Build
Part 1: Scoring a free engine to get the party started!
Part 2: Cleaning and installing the engine
Part 3: Charging system and headlights
Part 4: Headlight relay mounting
Part 5: Bodywork and (cheap) paint
Part 6: Heater core and removing the AC housing
Part 7: Grilles and front bumper
Part 8: Beauty pic and gas prices!

'71 455 Build
Part 1: Teardown, cleaning and inspection
Part 2: Salvaging some old, nasty heads
Project Olds Faux-Four-Two '72 Oldsmobile Cutlass Front End Rebuild
Part 1: Getting started and removing the master cylinder
Part 2: Removing the old brake lines and antisway bar
Part 3: Popping the tie rods and ball joints loose
Part 4: Removing the shocks, a-arms and steering box

Building a Fake W-27
Part 1: Buying the used axle and fixing a broken shock mount
Part 2: Finishing the shock mount repair
Part 3: Rebuilding the brakes
Steering wheel conversion
Steering Wheel Conversion
Adapting an older wheel to a newer column
Valve Cover Fix
Patching a Valve Cover
Repairing a hole that somebody poked in a valve cover.
Toronado Rust Fix
Patching a Rust Hole
Fixing some rust in the Toronado rear quarter
Resplining an Axle
Resplining an axle
Cutting new splines in a Currie axle shaft.
Patching an Olds oil pan
Patching an Oil Pan
Cutting out and patching a really bad old fix
Studebaker Crank Shim Studebaker Crankshaft Shim
Making a hard-to-find part and fitting it to an old V8 engine

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