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Shop Projects! Making my own tools, upgrading my machines, and other projects.
Updated Nov. 28, 2019:
Added the Scriber how-to pages.

All the Machine Tool Rebuilds now have their own page!

Needle scribers
Needle Scriber
Making two versions of a small shop scriber with replaceable tips, based off of one of Clickspring's videos.

Belt Grinder
KMG Style Belt Grinder
Putting together- slowly- a classic KMG style 2" x 72" belt grinder.
Grinding a Step Drill
Grinding a Step Drill
Drill and counterbore in one operation!
Chamfering tool
Lathe Chamfering Tool
A handy double-ended cutter for chamfering any edge on a part.
Lathe Soft Jaw trick
A Trick for using Lathe Chuck Soft Jaws
Chances are you already have a wide selection of ideally-sized spacers and an easy-to-use installation tool.
Rolling Parts Tray
Rolling Parts Tray, Part 1
Making a small wheeled tray to store scrap and material under the lathe cabinet
Small Press Brake
Small Hydraulic Press Brake Dies
A quick fab of a small and simple set of dies for the shop press, for bending steel and aluminum bar and other small parts.
Rolling Parts Tray Rolling Parts Tray, Part 2
Making a small wheeled tray to store scrap and material under the lathe cabinet
L-00 Spindle Nose Cover
New L-00 Spindle Nose Protector
Making a smoother-looking spindle nose protector for 5C collet use
Rockwell Tool Grinder
Rockwell M6 Tool Grinder
Minor cleanup to an auction buy
Air Hose Hook
Mill Table Air Hose Hook
Just what it says on the tin.
Morse Taper Drill Rack
Quick Drill Rack
For easy-access storage of Morse Taper Drills
Hammer Rack
Quick Hammer Rack
Clears out the cluttered drawers and hangs 'em up where you can find 'em
Wilton Vise Wilton Vise Refurb
Just a quick cleaning and repaint of a Wilton 9400 4" machinists' vise.
Vise Spider Handle
Vise Spider Handle
Also called a "speed handle" or 'capstan wheel', it makes opening and closing the vise quicker, which is helpful when running multiple parts
Lever closer for a Sheldon lathe 5C Collet Closer addition
Adapting a Royal-style lever-action collet closer to a Sheldon Lathe
Turret lathe flood coolant Flood Coolant
Adding a quick-and-dirty flood coolant system
to the Logan Turret Lathe
Redoing the closer mount ... And Redoing it Later! Doing it the way it should have been done in the first place...

Spline Cutter Custom-made Spline Cutter
A handy indexible-carbide tool for milling splines.
4 inch milling vise
Reworking a 4" Import Mill Vise
In this case, also known as "polishing a turd".
Drill Grinder Stand
A Bench Grinder Stand
Something a little better than a chunk of old drill pipe
welded to a discarded car rim.
Baldor Buffer Stand
Building a Better Buffer Stand
From awful to amazing.
Patching up a used SP-200 MIG
Lincoln SP-200 Liner Fix
I got a good deal on a bigger MIG, but as usual,
I had to fix it first...
Rotary broachin' for fun and profit Building a Rotary Broach and Cutters
Or, "how to drill a non-round hole without spending a bloody fortune."
Baldor bench grinder
Baldor Bench Grinder Refurb
A quick cleanup on a garage sale special, a trick for
dressing the wheels, and another for truing them to the shaft.
Arcade buttons for your VFD control
Arcade Controls for your Lathe
Making an AC Tech VFD a little bit more user-friendly
Buildin' a body hammer
Buildin' a Body Hammer
The Mad Tinkerers' version of last-minute Christmas shopping.
The ten-minute machine knob A new Knob for the Speed Control
Now that the Nichols is fully wired, I needed a knob for the external speed adjustment.
Mill-Tool Drawers A Stack of Mill-Tool Drawers
A blast from the past: one of the earliest shop upgrades I made.
Nichols Hand Miller halfnut Nichols Horizontal Mill, Part 4
Making a new replacement halfnut to restore handwheel functionality.

Nichols Drawbar Nichols Horizontal Mill, Part 5
Replacing the stock 'convertible' spindle drawbar with a better one.

W.H. Nichols mill medallion Nichols Horizontal Mill, Part 6
A finishing touch, cleaning up the nameplate medallion
Doc's Machine More Projects Coming Soon!
Have an idea for a new project? Have some questions about one of the projects shown here? Feel free to drop us a line!

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